B-26 Marauders at Midway
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A Shot Across The Bow
by Roy Grinnell

June 4, 1942, 7:10 a.m., 150 miles northwest of Midway Atoll . . . Moments after releasing a torpedo at the Japanese carrier Akagi, the B-26 Marauder “Susie-Q” thunders down the carrier’s flight deck, nearly grazing the bridge. Lt. James P. Muri, of the Army Air Force’s 22nd Bomb Group, pilots his craft across the ship in an attempt to escape the gantlet of fire unleashed by the enemy surface fleet and swarming Zero fighters. The dramatic torpedo attack by Army B-26 Marauders of the 22nd and 38th Bomb Groups and the Navy TBF Avengers of Torpedo Squadron 8 forced Japanese Admiral Nagumo to alter his battle plan, a decision that set the stage for the incredible American victory at the Battle of Midway.

550 Numbered prints, signed only by B-26 pilot James P. Muri
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100 Signed and Numbered Prints, Signed by artist Roy Grinnell

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Roy Grinnell was born in Santa Barbara, California. When Roy graduated from High School, he decided to join the Navy and was stationed in Guam. After Roy served his time in the Navy, he attended the Art Center School of Design in Los Angeles, and graduated with honors.

Capturing aviation history on canvas is Roy Grinnell's forte' and it has brought him worldwide recognition as an aviation artist of the highest caliber. His documentation of aerial combat events has given him the honor of being the official artist for the American Fighter Aces Association, and the American Combat Airman Hall of Fame of the Commemorative Air Force. In addition, he has done commissioned paintings and prints for the Association of Naval Aviation, the National Aviation Hall of Fame, in Dayton, Ohio, and the Flying Tigers Association.

Roy was the recipient of the prestigious R.G. Smith Award for Excellence in Naval Aviation Art by the U.S. Navy in Pensacola, Florida, in 1999. In February, 2002, Roy was awared the "Spirit of Flight Award" and Lifetime Membership into the Commemorative Air Force in Midland, Texas and in June, 2004, Roy became an Honoree at the American Fighter Aces Reunion in Seattle.

Roy Grinnell (right) receives an award from the American Fighter Aces Association.