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signatures may vary from above
signatures may vary from above

"A Higher Call" Publisher Proof

Due to the success of the international bestselling book "A Higher Call," the art print of the same name is now perhaps the most sought after print in the historical art industry!

We have one available, signed by both Franz Stigler and Charlie Brown, so inquire today before this print is history!

Included with the print is a B&W "Return of the Pub" print signed by "Ye Olde Pub" navigator Al Sadok and TWO B-17 pilot who flew combat over Europe! Also included is a metal skin relic from a B-17 that flew combat over Germany!


"Defenders of Bastogne" Publisher Proof

Painted by Nicolas Trudgian, this highly sought after, sold out, Publisher Proof is signed by 18 WWII veterans who fought in the Battle of the Bulge, including tankers, pilots, 101st paratroopers and more!

This package also includes a piece of metal skin from a P-47 Thunderbolt lost in a Dec. 1944 training mission and 101st & 3rd Army pins to frame with your print.


signatures may vary from above
signatures may vary from above

"Into the Night" Artist Proof

This rare, sold-out Matt Hall print is signed by at least 12 Normandy D-Day veterans, including many of the Band of Brothers!

This print also includes a piece of a real D-Day chute and 82nd & 101st Airborne pins to frame with your print!


"In the Presence of My Enemy" Victory Edition

This sold-out John D. Shaw print is signed by 7 veterans of the air war over Europe and includes the extracted signatures of Franz Stigler, perfect to frame with the print!

This print also includes photos of Franz & Charlie to frame with your print!


signatures may vary from above

"The Victors" Publisher Proof

This sold out Matt Hall print shows Robert Leckie, Sid Phillips, and the Marines of H-2-1 as they await their turn to leave Guadalcanal in December 1942 as victors.

The print is autographed by nine veterans of Guadalcanal including Sid Phillips and Richard Greer!

This package includes photos of the Marines leaving Guadalcanal and a 1st Marine Division pin, all perfect for framing with your print!


signatures may vary from above

"The Eagles Nest" Victory Edition

Painted by John D. Shaw, this print depicts Dick Winters and the veterans of Easy Company celebrating VE-Day in Berchtesgaden. This sold out Victory Edition is autographed by Shifty Powers, Forrest Guth, Don Malarkey and seven other paratroopers & pilots!

This package includes our special "Return to the Eagle's Nest" DVD and the black & white companion print "Alpine Eagles."


"The Homecoming" AP - by John D. Shaw

"Off the Beach!" AP - by Matt Hall

"Into the Night" AP - by Matt Hall

"A Higher Call" AP - by John D. Shaw

"Breakout From Bastogne" PP - by Matt Hall

"Iwo Jima, the First Flag" ME - by Ron Stark

"Brothers in Arms" AP - by Matt Hall

"The Eagle's Nest" VE - by John D. Shaw