Eugene Sledge Kabar
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With the Old Breed
Limited-Edition Ka-Bar knife & autographed sheath

First submitted to the USMC in December 1942 for evaluation, the Ka-Bar knife would become standard issue to the Marines fighting in the Pacific and in doing so, would carve a place in American history as the iconic knife of the US Marine Corps.

Our "With the Old Breed" commemorative knife is manufactured by Ka-Bar, the original WWII supplier, and features engraving, on both sides of the blade, that celebrates Eugene B. Sledge, his classic literary work, and his fellow Marines of the 1st Marine Division.

Adding to the incredible history of this collectible are the original signatures on the scabbard of two K-Company Marines who served in the Pacific with Eugene Sledge: Sgt. R.V. Burgin and "Old Breed" GySgt. T.I. Miller.

Kabar knife

Individually numbered from a limited-edition of 1,945 knives & signed sheathes

Features a leather sheath hand signed in marker
by two Marines
who served in K-Company:
R.V. Burgin & T.I. Miller.

a Ka-Bar box decorated with an art
sleeve featuring Matt Hall's "Off the Beach!"

Includes a certificate of authenticity


An open edition, that does not bear any signatures or a limited edition number, is available from Ka-Bar and their dealers.

As a Marine in World War II, R.V. Burgin fought with K-Company, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, on Cape Gloucester, Peleliu, and Okinawa, where he was awarded the Bronze Star.

Burgin was the platoon sergeant featured in Eugene Sledge’s classic book “With the Old Breed” and was recently portrayed by actor Martin McCann in the Emmy award winning HBO mini-series The Pacific. Burgin is the author of “Islands of Damned: A Marine at War in the Pacific.”


Thurman "T.I." Miller enlisted in the Marines prior to World War II, earning him the honor of being called part of the "Old Breed." Assigned to K-Company (K-3-5), he fought on Guadalcanal alongside men like Capt. Andrew Haldane and Gunny Elmo Haney in the battles where the rock of K-3-5 was formed.

He then fought in the Cape Gloucester campaign where he served as a Staff Sergeant, helping to command K-Company's third platoon. Upon reaching Pavuvu, he was officially promoted to Gunnery Sergeant and rotated home to serve as an instructor at the USMC's Officer Candidate Applicant Battalion.

Valor Studios with to thank Henry, Jeanne, and John Sledge for their assistance & guidance in the creation of this commemorative Ka-Bar.