In May, 2006, 12 E-Company veterans (and wives) continued their legacy of service by traveling to Ft. Campbell, Kentucky, to show support for the 101st Airborne troops who call the base home.

The Band of Brothers visit to Ft. Campbell lasted 4 days. On the first afternoon, the veterans arrived and were greeted by the 101st soldiers of present. That night they enjoyed a private reunion/party. They spent the next morning (and an hour in the afternoon) signing Valor Studios' latest art print, "Hang Tough, Bastogne 1944," at the new Holiday Inn Express in Oak Grove. That afternoon and evening, the veterans spent time with the 101st soldiers.

On day three the veterans visited the Ft. Campbell hospital, the training facilities, and the Air Assault course, before delivering a stunning syposium to a hangar full of soldiers, wives, and their children. Sadly, the veterans also spent some time sharing sympathies with several Army widows who came to hear them speak. On day four, following breakfast with the troops, the Band of Brothers veterans bid Ft. Campbell goodbye, for now.

No U.S. Army funds were utilized in the coordination or excecution of this trip. Valor Studios proudly sponsored every aspect of the 4 day visit, from the veterans' airfares, to lodging, to meals. Valor Studios was proud to provide the Easy Company veterans with a private reunion with their WWII comrades and their present-day military brethren.

We extend our thanks to the Easy Company veterans and their wives, the stars of the show, for helping us and so many others, as you'll see below.

First stop - the mess hall! Here the Band of Brothers veterans ate
each day with soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division.
Don Malarkey chats with Sally and Ed Joint.
Buck Compton (L) and Don Malarkey enjoy a conversation with an eager listener.
Amos "Buck" Taylor with a Screaming Eagle soldier.
Forrest Guth adds to a soldier's photo album.
Hank and Millie Zimmerman share a story.
"Wild Bill" Guarnere inspects the troops.
The Band of Brothers of World War II with their present day counterparts.
Spirits abounded, literally and figuratively.
Earl "One Lung" McClung and Amos "Buck" Taylor relax with Sgt. "Tex."
"Wild Bill" Guarnere, Buck Compton and Don Malarkey
study the original painting of "Hang Tough, Bastogne 1944".
Dinner with the troops at the Sportsman's Lodge. L-R, top: Forrest Guth, Rod Strohl.
L-R, bottom: "Buck" Taylor and Earl "One Lung" McClung.
The Band of Brothers veterans had a chance to test their marksman skills
with modern training simulators.
Shooting, L-R are: Valor Studios staff Erica, Bryan, and Bob Makos, along with Earl McClung.
Forrest Guth takes aim.
At no point during their visit were the Band of Brothers without 101st soldiers eager to meet them!
Hank Zimmerman greets an admirer.
Forrest Guth welcomes soldiers.
Fellow soldiers of the Third Platoon, L-R: Paul Rogers, Earl McClung,
Buck Taylor and their platoon leader Ed Shames.
Valor Studios arraigned for the Band of Brothers veterans to surprise the "wounded warriors"
of the 101st Airborne. Here, Forrest Guth reaches out to Sgt. Erik Roberts, wounded in Iraq.
"Wild Bill" Guarnere, having lost a leg in Bastogne, was an inspiration to the wounded warriors.
As Don Malarkey (left) looks on, Ed Joint and Forrest Guth greet a wounded warrior.
After visting the hospital, the Band of Brothers veterans and Valor Studios Publisher Adam Makos
hosted a question & answer panel for hundreds of soldiers and their families.
Publisher Adam Makos explains the "Hang Tough, Bastogne 1944" print that Valor Studios donated
to the 506th Regiment in memory of Don Malarkey's departed wife, Irene Malarkey.
Buck Compton with General Cody, the Army Chief of Staff.
The 101st Airborne Division's mascot, "Bastogne."
Don Malarkey

The Band of Brothers veterans with Valor Studios staff. Standing, L-R: Paul Rogers, Ed Shames, Hank Zimmerman, Ed Joint, Buck Compton, Don Malarkey, Earl McClung, Buck Taylor, Forrest Guth, and "Wild Bill" Guarnere.
Kneeling: Bryan, Adam, and Erica Makos of Valor Studios.
Not pictured: veterans Rod Strohl, Herb Suerth, and Bob Makos of Valor Studios.

After the Ft. Campbell visit, the Valor Studios staff brought Earl McClung to the misty mountains of Virginia, the home of sharpshooter Shifty Powers. There, Earl was able to reunite with Shifty, his WWII comrade and best friend. They also enjoyed some target practice, for old time's sake.
Erica Makos steadies a M-1 rifle while Earl McClung and Shifty Powers give shooting advice.
Shifty Powers fires off a round from his front porch.
Earl McClung draws a bead on the 100 yard target.
He put his first shot within three inches of dead center (we saved the target to prove it!).
Shifty and Mrs. Powers pose with the Valor Studios Staff and Earl McClung
at the conclusion of a fun-filled visit.