Dick Winters at the Eagles Nest
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Print Size: 32" x 22.5"
(same size as Hang Tough)
The Eagle's Nest
by John D. Shaw
Print #5 in our series depicting the "Band of Brothers",
the last designed by Dick Winters!
May 7, 1945 . . . With Göring’s champagne and Bavarian beer, the veterans of Easy Company celebrate the end of World War II in Europe. Fate could write no better ending for the paratroopers who jumped into the darkness of Normandy, slugged through the mud of Holland, and froze in the woods of Bastogne. Now, in Berchtesgaden’s storybook Alps, P-51s of the “Checkertail Clan” cap the party as the Band of Brothers enjoy the spoils of war, the beauty of peace, and a toast to the heroes who fell along the way.
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The Eagles Nest
BONUS "Alpine Eagles" John D. Shaw print:
Included with all EP, PP, AP, and VE editions!
By the end of WWII in Europe, the pilots of the 325th Fighter Group had earned the right to soar where eagle's dare. For 2 years, the "Checkertails" had roved from Africa to Italy, and from Italy to France, Russia, and Germany proper. Behind them, they left a smoking trail of 500 enemy planes. Once flak alley, the alps are now a playground for battle-seasoned pilots like Gerald B. Edwards, the 3rd in command of the 325th and pilot of P-51 "Alp Scalper." As Easy Company paratroopers tour The Eagle's Nest, "GB" buzzes them with a wave. With two combat tours and 10 aerial victories to his name, he, like his brothers-in-arms below, has paid the cost of freedom.

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850 prints, signed and numbered by artist
John D. Shaw & two E-Company paratroopers.

COA with "History Behind the Art" story

All prints are sold unframed
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550 prints
, each autographed by 10
of the paratroopers & pilots listed below!

Also includes B&W P-51 print by John D. Shaw
Our exclusive "Eagle's Nest" DVD
Informative Certificate of Authenticity

All prints are sold unframed

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prints, each
signed by at least 18
of the paratroopers & pilots listed below!

Also includes B&W P-51 print by John D. Shaw
Our exclusive "Eagle's Nest" DVD
Curahee pin & jump wings for framing
Informative Certificate of Authenticity

Frank Perconte and the men of E-company in Berchtesgaden, Germany.
All prints are sold unframed

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101 prints, signed and numbered
Bearing at least 19 of the below signatures. 45 include a Dick Winters signature card (shown at left). 56 include Ron Speirs signature on the print.

Also includes B&W P-51 print by John D. Shaw
Our exclusive "Eagle's Nest" DVD
Curahee pin & jump wings for framing
Informative Certificate of Authenticity

Captain Dick Winters autographed Eagle's Nest John D. Shaw print.
All prints are sold unframed

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25 prints for sale worldwide (out of 50 in existence)
autographed by at least 20 paratroopers & pilots, including Dick Winters, who signed each print, and wrote a personal inscription on each: "Hang Tough."

Also includes B&W P-51 print by John D. Shaw
Our exclusive "Eagle's Nest" DVD
Curahee pin & jump wings for framing
Informative Certificate of Authenticity

Major Richard D. Winters signed Band of Brothers art print.
All prints are sold unframed
Valor Studios will release 45 signed canvas giclees at a later date.
(though none bearing the signature of Winters or Speirs)
Representing Easy Company, 506th P.I.R., 101st Airborne:
E-Company, 506th PIR, 101st Airborne
Frank Perconte
Phil Perugini
Shifty Powers
Ed Shames
Ron Speirs*
( * PP prints only)
Rod Strohl
Buck Taylor
Ed Tipper
Dick Winters*
( *
prints only)
Ed Bernat
Buck Compton
Jack Foley
Bradford Freeman
Wild Bill Guarnere
Forrest Guth

"Babe" Heffron
Ed Joint

Joe Lesniewski
Clancy Lyall
Don Malarkey
Earl McClung

Representing the Pathfinders & Troop Carrier Aircrews: Representing the Fighter Pilots who provided air support:
Jack Agnew - member of the
"Filthy 13" Pathfinder at Bastogne

Tom Bellitto - C-47 crew chief
87th Troop Carrier Squadron

Bud Berry (shown flying at left)
C-47 pilot 91st Troop Carrier Sq.
Ron Dove - pilot "King Richard VI"
325th FG (Checkertail Clan)

Gerald Edwards
- pilot "Alp Scalper"
325th FG (Checkertail Clan)

John Gonda - pilot
325th FG (Checkertail Clan)
Return to Hitler's Eagles Nest with the Band of Brothers of easy company, 506th PIR, 101st Airborne.

Easy Company veterans Don Malarkey and Earl McClung will be your guides as they travel to the Alpine town of Berchtesgaden, Germany in our exclusive DVD production “Return to the Eagle's Nest.”

Filmed during their recent 2008 odyssey, Don and Earl revisit 3rd Reich sites and stories from the war’s final days, perhaps for the last time.

See where Talbert discovered Hitler’s Mercedes, how McClung became the first American to reach the Eagle’s Nest, and visit the train tunnel where Malarkey’s friend found Goring’s jeweled sword.

This special, bonus DVD is only available by purchasing a Eagle Proof, Publisher Proof, Artist Proof, or Victory Edition print of “The Eagles Nest.”

Who nabbed Hitler’s silverware?
Who has his photo album?
What’s the nose art on the lead Mustang?
What's the story behind McClung's luger?
Which men captured German generals?
Who “liberated” $1 million from Goring’s garage?

These answers to these questions and more can be found in the image and on the Certificate of Authenticity (left) that accompanies each print!

Artist John D. Shaw has painted this hidden war loot, WWII-era details, and clues to little-known stories into “The Eagle’s Nest,” to deliver years of viewing pleasure and “insider” stories that you can relate to family and friends!

For those of you who can't wait for your print with its COA to arrive, in the meantime, to learn the answers to the above question, check out the answer key below:

1. The “Eagle’s Nest” atop Kehlstein Mountain was the Nazi Party’s 50th birthday present to Hitler and a favorite haunt of Eva Braun.

2. T/4 Frank Perconte was wounded at Foy but rejoined E- Company in Haguenau for the push into Germany.

3. PFC Clancy Lyall wears a captured German General’s cap from a full uniform he liberated.

4. Mercedes 540K once used by Hitler for a parade in Berlin. The men of E-Co captured (and destroyed) several of his cars.

5. Lt. Jack Foley, 1st Platoon CO, saw with astonishment how German civilians were eager to rebuild and “sweep out the ruins of war.”

6. Capt. Ron Speirs, then CO of E-Co, enjoyed the spoils of war and even drove Goring’s sports car before handing it over.

7. E-Company’s “master scrounger” Alton More has Hitler’s photo album safe under arm, a relic he found in the ruins of Hitler’s home.

8. Major Dick Winters occupied the Berchtesgaden Hof hotel where he nabbed Hitler’s silverware, but his home was with the men.

9. Sgt. Rod Strohl allowed German Field Marshall Kesselring to briefly visit his wife as he escorted him to surrender in Berchtesgaden.

10. PFC Ed “Babe” Heffron took German General Tolsdorf prisoner and “liberated” his briefcase only to find pornographic photos.

11. Lt. Ed Shames was the 3rd Platoon CO. He “liberated” Field Marshall Kesselring’s pistol at a checkpoint, prior to his surrender.

12. Sgt. Darrel “Shifty” Powers was arguably the company’s best marksmen but was glad to never fire his weapon in Berchtesgaden.

13. Sgt. Earl McClung was the first to reach the Eagle’s Nest. He later found $1 million counterfeit bills in Goering’s garage.

14. Holding the Luger that McClung picked up in St. Mere Eglise, Clancy Lyall says, “This is my buddy, Bull Randleman!”

15. One of 10,000 bottles found in Goring’s O-club, this pre-war French vintage was stolen by the Germans and enjoyed by the Americans.

16. British currency counterfeited by the Germans and “liberated” by Earl McClung from Goring’s garage and a cuff band of the 17th SS Division “Gotz von Berlichingen,” which opposed E-Company at Carentan’s “Bloody Gulch.”

17. British-style carpet bag from the ‘30s; the Germans intended to transport counterfeit currency and destabilize the British economy.

18. Pennant that would identify a German staff vehicle; it flew from behind the running light, atop the fender.

19. The pilot of “Alp Scalper,” Gerald “GB” Edwards, downed 10 German planes and was the Ops officer for the 325th Fighter Group. The pilot of “King Richard VI,” Ron Dove, often navigated the entire 325th Fighter Group on missions.

John D. Shaw with the Easy Company, Band of Brothers painting "The Eagle's Nest."

John D. Shaw has pursued his art and graphics career since 1985. Born in 1961, this native of Carson City, Nevada is a veteran of both the fine art and commercial art fields. As an illustrator, Shaw created artwork for clients such as Lucas Films Ltd., Kellogg's, and Major League Baseball.

Shaw's work took a new emphasis in 1993, when he began creating paintings with a historical theme. With special attention to the World War-II era, his depictions of these aircraft, people, and their missions have become celebrated, worldwide.

Shaw’s artwork hangs in the collection of President Bush ’41, President Bush ’43, the Cavanaugh Flight Museum, and private collections worldwide. His art has adorned the covers of magazines like Private Pilot's Aviation Art Gallery, World War II, World War II History, Aviation History, and Valor Magazine.

With the November 2008 completion of "The Eagle's Nest," Shaw has contributed three out of the five paintings in Valor Studios’ art print series depicting the Band of Brothers.

Easy Company veterans Ed Joint, Joe Lesniewski, artist John D. Shaw, and 325th Fighter Group P-51 pilot Ron Dove display the original painting of "The Eagle's Nest."

Valor Studios and John D. Shaw wish to thank the following for their assistance with this project:
Marv Bethea, Bob Hoffman, Wayne Powers, Rich Riley, Crystal Tedesco, Tom Thomas, Steve Wallace, Ed Zavarille, and the veterans of Easy Company, Troop Carrier Command, and the 325th Fighter Group who made this print possible.