M1A1 Paratrooper Carbine
Photos & display props are not included
Actual firearm must ship to an FFL holder
Now is your opportunity to own THE ULTIMATE COLLECTIBLE, a fully-functional M1A1 Paratrooper Carbine signed by the most-legendary paratroopers in history, the Band of Brothers of Easy Company!

We are proud to announce that 101 carbines are now available for sale, each bearing a laser-engraved serial number and autographed by 8 Easy Company veterans!

No two carbines are the same, due to the unique grain in the stocks and the hand-written signatures. The signatures have been sealed with multiple clear coats of lacquer and are safe to touch.**

Each carbine is a direct replica of the WWII version, now manufactured by WWII carbine parts supplier, Auto-Ordnance.

Incredibly, each carbine was test-fired by E-Co. vet Don Malarkey! If you choose not to fire your carbine in the future, Don will be the last person to have fired it!

**Although the signatures are safe to touch and handle, do not oil the wood of this firearm since it could dissolve the clear coat and possibly the signatures!

* screen colors may vary from M1A1 colors

Each Airborne Edition package includes:

- Commemorative M1A1 carbine signed by 8 E-Co.
veterans and engraved with a serial number out of 101.

- A custom-engraved wooden rifle case with custom-fit foam padding to protect and display your collectible-investment.

- An 8x10 photo of Don Malarkey shooting the carbines &
n expended shell casing fired from a carbine by Don!

A signed certificate of authenticity!

The factory owner's manual and gun lock!

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- Please note that because each carbine was hand signed by eight Easy Company veterans, and test fired by Don Malarkey, minor "battle damage" imperfections are common on the finish and signatures.

- Carbine must ship to FFL dealer and can only be sold to U.S. residents. Before ordering, please confirm that it is legal to own a folding-stock firearm in your state.

- Valor Studios waives all liability from the use of these collectible firearms.
After transfer to the buyer, this responsibility belongs to the firearm's buyer.

Presentation Edition: 20 carbines signed by no more than 8 veterans.
Prototype Edition: 7 carbines signed by no more than 8 veterans.
Each Carbine is HAND SIGNED by EIGHT ORIGINAL members
of the legendary "BAND OF BROTHERS" of Easy Company:

Buck Compton
D-Day, Market Garden,
& Bastogne

Bradford Freeman
D-Day, Market Garden,
Bastogne & Eagle's Nest

Wild Bill Guanere
D-Day, Market Garden,
& Bastogne

Don Malarkey
D-Day, Market Garden,
Bastogne & Eagle's Nest

Babe Heffron
Market Garden, Bastogne
& Eagle's Nest

Frank Perconte
D-Day, Market Garden,
Bastogne & Eagle's Nest

Rod Strohl
D-Day, Market Garden,
Bastogne & Eagle's Nest

Ed Mauser
D-Day, Market Garden,
Bastogne & Eagle's Nest

the M1 Garand’s .30-'06 in both design and performance. Some troops found the .30 Carbine cartridge incapable of penetrating small trees and light cover, though it was markedly superior to .45 caliber weapons such as the Reising and Thompson submachineguns in accuracy and penetration.

5. During the signing process, Wild Bill Guarnere thought it would be humorous to "forge" Babe Heffron’s signature by writing Babe's name upside down on a handful of the carbines, when Babe wasn't looking (hoping to get Babe in trouble!). This would end up being an expensive prank but added some laughs to the signing-event. Fortunately for collectors, the guns for sale now are mint condition, and free of the "upside-down Babe" signature caper.

All of the veterans' signatures are hand-signed in special paint pen and then sealed into the stock with a clear coat to protect and preserve them. No two carbines are the same due to unique grain in the stocks and uniquely hand-written signatures.

6. An expended shell casing fired from one of our commemorative carbines by Don Malarkey will be included with every package. When offered hearing protection while firing all 101 limited-edition + the 20 presentation-edition carbines, Don replied, “What for? I’m already deaf!”

Off the Beach!

1. In 1938, the Army requested the Ordnance Department develop a carbine. This led to a competition in 1941 by major U.S. firearm companies and designers. A folding-stock version of the M1 carbine was developed after a request was made for a compact and light infantry arm for airborne troops. The first M1 carbines were delivered in mid-1942, with initial priority given to Airborne troops in the European Theater of Operations.

Band of Brothers 2nd platoon veteran Ed Mauser recalls removing the folding stock off his carbine and “using it like a pistol.” A total of over 6 million M1 carbines of various models were manufactured, making it the most produced small arm for the American military during World War II.

2. The Auto-Ordnance division of Kahr Arms began production of an M1 Carbine replica in 2005. The original wartime Auto-Ordnance Company had produced various replacement

parts for IBM (who manufactured carbines) during World War II, but did not manufacture complete carbines until the introduction of the replica that was used for the base of this commemorative carbine.

Auto-Ordnance has stayed “true to the original” WWII carbine design by keeping the original flip sight and narrow “Type 1” barrel band. After WWII, the Ordnance Department ordered that all "Type 1" barrel bands and flip sights be replaced with barrel bands with bayonet lugs and adjustable sights for improved accuracy.

3. The push-button magazine release was often mistaken for the push-button safety button, causing the magazine to fall out at inopportune times during combat, sometimes with fatal results. The push safety was later replaced with a rotating lever safety to solve this problem. This commemorative carbine, however, retains the original WWII push-button safety design.

4. The prototypes for the US M1 carbine were chambered for a new cartridge, the .30 Carbine, a smaller and lighter .30 caliber round very different from

Valor Studios & The Keystone Armory would like to thank Gem City Gun Club of Erie, PA for allowing us to have a “blast” with Don Malarkey! Also a special thanks to Travis and Marshall Melnick of Waterford for their assistance in this project.