Flying Tigers Reunion Program
Flying Tigers Reunion Program
Flying Tigers Reunion Program
Flying Tigers Reunion Program
Flying Tigers Reunion Program
Flying Tigers Reunion Program
Flying Tigers Reunion Program
Flying Tigers Reunion Program

Flying Tigers Reunion Program

  • In 2002 we were honored to be asked to create a reunion program for the Flying Tigers' 60th Anniversary in San Antonio. The 35-page program that we published was a tremendous hit among the veterans though only a small number were ever printed.

    We were fortunate to be able to keep several of these ultra-rare programs and had them autographed at the 2002 reunion. Now, after 20 years in our vault, we're making them available for sale. With all the "Flying Tigers" gone, these programs are truly irreplaceable so secure yours today!

    The ultra-rare 35-page program in mint condition, bearing no autographs on the cover.

    Bears 8 autographs on the cover in ink pen & pencil.

    Includes a COA // shipping added in checkout // ships in a heavy-duty envelope

  • Each reunion program was autographed on the front during the 2002 Flying Tigers reunion by a combination of the following American Volunteer Group (AVG) "Flying Tigers" veterans: 

    Frank Andersen, Crew Chief, "Hell's Angels"
    George Bailey, Crew Chief, "Panda Bears"
    Charles Baisden, Armorer, "Hell's Angels"
    Charlie Bond, Vice Squd. Leader, "Adam & Eves"
    Ed Fobes, Admin Clerk, Group HQ
    PJ Greene, pilot, "Hell's Angels"
    "Tex" Hill, pilot & squadron CO, "Panda Bears"
    Bob Layher, pilot, "Panda Bears"
    Frank Losonsky, Crew Chief, "Hell's Angels"
    Charlie Mott, pilot, "Panda Bears"
    Joe Poshefko, Armorer, "Hell's Angels"
    Rich Richardson, Comms, Group HQ
    Dick Rossi, pilot, "Adam & Eves"
    Leo Schramm, Crew Chief, "Hell's Angels"
    George Tyrrell, Crew Chief, "Panda Bears"
    Peter Wright, pilot, "Panda Bears"

  • We recommend that all autographed items be displayed or stored using archival quality, acid free materials away from any moisture or strong light exposure, regardless of whether it is from sunlight or light bulbs. When framing art/photographs/posters, we recommend locating a framer who is familiar with archival framing, has a storefront so you can see examples of their work, is not within a big box store, and has full insurance in the event an accident occurs while framing your item.

    Tru Vue Museum Glass (UV blocking), spacers, and acid free framing materials must be used to protect the image and signatures. Fading can occur even if an item is not displayed in direct sunlight (even a light bulb omits UV rays) so Tru Vue Museum Glass (UV blocking) is necessary. Acid free spacers or mat board must also be utilized to prevent the signatures from direct contact with the top layer of glass/acrylic. If a signature is pressed against the clear material it will lift off the photo/poster/print and deteriorate.

    In order to retain full value of your item, your art or collectible should be able to be removed from its frame or storage container and still be in the same original condition as it was when purchased from Valor Studios.

    If you decide to store one of our art prints/collectibles without getting it framed, then we recommend flat storage in either an acid free art sleeve or between pieces of acid free foam core. The item should be stored in a dark and dry location, several inches off the floor. We do not recommend storing prints/posters/photos in tubes for any extended length of time.

$45 USD

Our autographed products are hand-signed by the heroes who were there!
We financially compensate our veteran signers for their autographs.
Nearly all of our prints are limited-editions bearing an exclusively assigned number.
Once a signed item sells out, it often appreciates in value due to its rarity.