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Print Size: 32" x 22.5"
All prints sold unframed

"Come Up and Fight"
Bougainville Island, October 18, 1943

a fine art print by Gareth Hector


The fight was days in the making. When Pappy Boyington flew over the airfield at Kahili earlier that week, a Japanese-accented voice radioed: “Major Boyington, what is your position?”

“Right over your damn airport,” he replied, “Come up and fight!” But no enemy answered.

This day was different. With his Black Sheep in tow, Pappy issued the challenge again: “Come on up and fight, you yellow bastards!” And this time, the Japanese sent their answer, launching some fifteen aircraft. The ensuing air battle would end with the Japanese fleeing, the Black Sheep victorious, and a new page written in the legend of Pappy Boyington.


Only 75 numbered prints, signed by artist
Gareth Hector & two WWII F4U Corsair pilots!

- Jim Hill, "Black Sheep" Corsair pilot who scored his
first victory during the mission depicted

- Bob Brunson, Corsair pilot in VF(N)-101, the first
Navy squadron to fly the F4U on a carrier

Also includes:
- "Black Sheep" photos to frame with your print
- Replica Navy/Marine pilot wings
Color certificate of authenticity

All prints are sold unframed

Only 100 numbered prints,
each signed by artist Gareth Hector.

Includes a color certificate of authenticity

All prints are sold unframed

Sold unframed/unstretched

Only 25 canvases worldwide Limit one per customer

Signed by artist Gareth Hector & individually numbered
Sized at an impressive 40 inches wide Includes a c
olor certificate of authenticity Sold rolled, unstretched & unframed


Only 43 numbered prints
, signed by Gareth Hector
& six Black Sheep squadron Corsair pilots!


Also includes:
- "Black Sheep" photos to frame with your print
- Replica Navy/Marine wings
Color certificate of authenticity

All prints are sold unframed

A Signer Proof edition of 50 prints exists for print signers and helpers.
Watch this History Channel special about the "Black Sheep" that
features interviews with several of the print signers!
A brilliant collection of rare signatures from . . .
The legendary "Black Sheep" pilots who flew under the leadership of Gregory "Pappy" Boyington.
Their brothers in arms in Naval Aviation who piloted the F4U Corsair during WWII.
Tom "Long Tom" Emrich
An original member of Boyington's "Black Sheep," Tom flew both combat tours with the unit. He shot down two Japanese Zeroes on October 17th, the day before "Come Up and Fight." After the war he would become a pilot with TWA, flying for 35 years and ending his career as a 747 captain.
Ed "Harpo" Harper
28-year Marine Corps veteran, original member of Boyington's "Black Sheep." Flew combat missions in three wars: 97 in WWII, 21 in Korea & 14 in Vietnam. Awarded three DFCs, 7 Air Medals, a Bronze Star and two Purple Hearts. Helped develop the Harrier jet program at McDonnell Douglas.

Jim "J.J." Hill
An original member of Boyington's “Black Sheep," Hill flew two combat tours under Pappy's leadership, scoring a victory on the Oct. 18th mission (depicted). Hill flew a total of 100 combat mission during WWII and received 3 DFCs and 12 Air Medals.

Henry "Boo" Bourgeois
21-year USMC veteran. Started as a Wildcat pilot in VMF-122 with "Pappy" Boyington, flying from Guadalcanal. Original member of Boyington's "Black Sheep." One combat tour as a "Black Sheep," shot down a Sally & Zero during WWII. Flew combat in Korea.
Bruce Matheson
34-year Marine Corps veteran, retired a Brig. Gen. Youngest member of Boyington's "Black Sheep." Shot down three enemy aircraft, 1.5 probables. Flew combat missions in WWII, Korea and 400 missions as a Huey pilot in Vietnam. Awarded three DFCs, 30+ Air Medals, and a Purple Heart.

Robert Brunson
Brunson served with the first carrier-based Night Fighter Squadron, VF(N)-101, aboard the USS Enterprise, where he flew F4U-2 Corsairs equipped with radar. Brunson flew throughout the South Pacific, including the Marshall Islands, Marianas Islands, and the Battle of the Philippine Sea.

Harry "Skinny" Johnson
Joined the "Black Sheep" as a replacement pilot during their second tour, in Nov. 1943. Shot down a Zero near Rabaul on January 6, 1944, the last victory to be scored before the squadron was disbanded. Flew 84 missions in total as a Corsair pilot in WWII and another 69 missions in the Korean War.

Artist Nick Trudgian

Born in 1973, Gareth found an early passion for painting and military history while growing up in Scotland.

He would go on to a successful career in the world of computer animation and digital painting, working on projects such as Medal of Honor, Doctor Who, and Halo.

In the aviation art field, Gareth's work most frequently appeared on the cover of Osprey publishing's aircraft books and on aviation magazines spanning Aviation History to Aeroplane.

In 2010, Gareth dusted off his oil paints and returned to his love of traditional painting after a 15 year hiatus. Since his rebirth as an oil painter, his original paintings have found their way into the collections of the CIA, RAF, USMC fighter squadrons, and art collectors across the globe.

The rising star in the world of military artwork, we're proud to publish "Come Up and Fight" and look forward to bringing you more stunning works by Gareth. Sign up for our V-Mail newsletter for future announcements!

Valor Studios wishes to thank the following for their assistance with this project:
"The Black Sheep" author Bruce Gamble and Roger Watts