ow is your chance to own a one-of-a-kind masterpiece by the world's top combat artist - James Dietz. "The Veterans" shows the famous Band of Brothers as they suit-up for Market Garden in September 1944.

This event was depicted in the Emmy-winning mini-series during Ep. 4, "Replacements." Shown in the painting are Dick Winters, Bull Randleman, medic Al Mampre, and even Captain Sobel!

This original oil painting on canvas is a massive 60" x 30", and is sold unstretched and unframed. Adding to the incredible history of the scene are the autographs on the back by fifteen Market Garden veterans, including:

E-Co. medic Al Mampre, depicted in Ep.4 when he saved Lt. Brewer
101st Airborne E-Co. 506th paratrooper Brad Freeman
101st Airborne paratrooper Jim "Pee Wee" Martin
101st Airborne paratrooper Guy Whidden
101st Airborne paratrooper Tony Zanzinger
82nd Airborne paratrooper Les Cruise
82nd Airborne paratrooper medic John Coates
82nd Airborne paratrooper Don Jakeway
82nd Airborne glider artillery veteran Richard Rohleder
Glider pilot Mel Pliner who made 5 glider landings
C-47 pilot Earl Nearl (101 years old!) who flew in 3 campaigns
C-47 pilot Jerry Parker who flew in 5 campaigns
C-47 pilot Jean Crawford who flew in 3 campaigns
C-47 pilot Joe Turecky who flew in 3 campaigns
C-47 radio operator Gil Weiss who flew in 4 campaigns

Having previously sold our other Dietz paintings ("Silencing the Guns" & "Hold Fast"), this is the only one we have for sale so don't wait to add this ultimate collectible to your wall!