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- in mint condition -

Sold out years ago, this extremely rare Artist Proof print is from an edition of 155 limited-edition prints, signed by artist Nicolas Trudgian and 15 Battle of the Bulge veterans: 101st Bastogne defenders Chris McEwan (Silver Star), Brad Freeman, Earl Mclung and Bob Noody, Sherman tankers Bill Gast, Clarence Smoyer and Les Underwood, P-47 "Paula" pilot Ken Glemby (depicted), riflemen Charles Bailey, Jack Blickenderfer, Nick Gianopoulos, Bob Keck & George Schneider, 6th AD scout Wayne Field and 17th Airborne paratrooper Lou Zoghby.

Includes a relic from a P-47 lost in Dec. 1944, a .30 caliber casing recovered in the Ardennes, 101st & 3rd Army pins, two photos relating to Bastogne, and a Certificate of Authenticity with "History Behind the Art."

Sold unframed/unmatted.

$395 + S/H