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"Prey for Mercy"
- Prequel to A Higher Call -

by John D. Shaw

December 1943 . . . The stricken B-17F "Ye Olde Pub" of Charlie Brown and crew nearly met disaster following a bomb run over Bremen. Wrestling the "Pub" out of its death-dive, Brown had no way of knowing he’d leveled out above a fighter base at which ace Franz Stigler’s Bf-109 had just been rearmed.

As the American bomber limped overhead, Stigler and crew watched in amazement as this easy prey would not be only the 2nd B-17 he would claim that day, and add another “kill” to avenge his beloved brother he’d lost at the start of the war, but also would earn him the coveted Knight’s Cross. It was not to be…

Upon pursuing and catching the Americans, Stigler saw the fear on the faces of the helpless B-17 crew. A sense of honor overrode his military duty, and at the risk of his own execution, he escorted the wounded plane to the coast, saluting Brown and his astonished crew. Half a century later the two pilots would meet, and the former enemies would develop a friendship so close that Stigler would come to consider Brown to be as the brother he’d lost.

Prints are sold unframed.

Our EXCLUSIVE Valor Studios Package includes:

- Main Edition print of "Prey for Mercy"
signed & numbered by John D. Shaw

- 3" x 4.5" unsigned photos of Charlie & Franz

- Color photo of Franz & Charlie together

- A relic from a Bf 109 shot down over Germany

- A relic from the B-17G "My Buddy," lost over Europe

- Franz's 6th Squadron pin + an 8th Air Force pin

- 9" x 12" Franz & Charlie portrait prints
(issued for a limited time)

- Certificates of authenticity for the print, relics & photo

"Prey for Mercy" is published by John Shaw's Liberty Studios. 20 canvas giclees will be produced.
A Gallery Proof edition of 100 prints exists but is not for sale. 50 PPs, 100 APs & 40 SE paper giclees are sold out.

Watch Franz & Charlie describe their encounter in this rare CBS News report!

BF 109 G14 #781184 "White 9"

Accompanying each PP, AP, and Valor Studios Package is a genuine piece of a Messerschmitt Bf 109 fighter!

This relic is taken from a Bf 109 that served in 13 Squadron of the famous JG 53, the "Pik As" (Ace of Spades) wing, mentioned on page 115 of A Higher Call.

"White 9" was flown by Fw. Erich Braitsch, who was shot down on Christmas Eve 1944, and survived the crash of his aircraft, which was dug up in 2003.

The metal of "White 9" is provided by one of the top aircraft recovery experts in Europe.

B-17G "My Buddy"

Accompanying each PP, AP, and Valor Studios Package is a genuine piece of the 457th BG B-17 "My Buddy" that was hit by Flak over Munich in July 1944 and limped to Switzerland.

As the plane lost altitude, pilot Gerald Kerr and his officers stayed at their positions, keeping the plane in flight, which allowed their enlisted crew to parachute before the aircraft crashed high in the Swiss Alps.

The Crestawald museum in Switzerland is currently restoring the cockpit from "My Buddy." Each metal relic is taken from the tail section, a part not necessary for their restoration.


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John's work took a new emphasis in 1993, when he began creating paintings with a historical theme. With special attention to the World War-II era, his depictions of these aircraft and people have become celebrated, worldwide.

John’s artwork hangs in the collection of President Bush ’41, President Bush ’43, the Cavanaugh Flight Museum, and private collections worldwide. His art has adorned the covers of magazines like World War II, World War II History, Aviation History, and on books such as "A Higher Call."