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signatures may vary from above

"The Eagle's Nest" Artist Proof

This classic John D. Shaw print, set in May 1945, depicts the "Band of Brothers"
of Easy Company as they celebrate the end of the war in Europe.

This sold out Artist Proof is signed by an amazing 23 veterans including the rare autographs of "Band of Brothers" heroes Jack Foley, Shifty Powers, Forrest Guth, Frank Perconte, Buck Taylor and many more!

The print is sold double-matted, using archival materials,
and includes the following extras matted below the print:

- An actual Edelweiss flower, purchased in Berchtesgaden
- Photos of the Eagle's Nest and Dick Winters & his staff at the war's end
- 506th P.I.R. button & 15th Air Force pin

Also included with this purchase:
- Black & white "Alpine Eagles" P-51 print by John D. Shaw
- Our exclusive "Return to the Eagle's Nest" DVD production


signatures may vary from above
signatures may vary from above

"Angels from Above" Artist Proof

C-47s of 9th Troop Carrier Command deliver their fighting cargo, the paratroopers of the 82nd & 101st Airborne above Holland’s soft drop zones in this sold out Matt Hall print.

Autographed by 12 Market Garden veterans! Includes a relic from an actual C-47 that flew on Operation Market Garden.


"Advance to Victory" Publisher Proof

Painted by Nicolas Trudgian, this highly sought after Publisher Proof is signed by 14 WWII veterans who fought in the European Theatre, including tankers, P-51 Mustang pilots, 101st paratroopers and more!

This package includes a ETO victory ribbon and historical photos to frame with your print as well as an 8 x 10 photo of the 101st in Berchtesgaden, hand signed by E-Co. trooper Rod Bain!


signatures may vary from above
signatures may vary from above

"The Homecoming" Publisher Proof

Painted by John D. Shaw, this rare, sold out Publisher Proof is signed by at least 20 Pacific War veterans including Sid Phillips and R.V. Burgin, depicted in "The Pacific" mini-series!

This package also includes four historical photos and a reproduction WWII Pacific Theatre campaign ribbon for framing below the print!


"Devotion" Publisher Proof

Due to the success of the bestselling book "Devotion," this print is now highly sought after!

We have a rare, sold out Publisher Proof edition available, autographed by Medal of Honor recipient Tom Hudner, "Devotion" characters Marty Goode and Bill Koenig, and VF-33 pilot Bill Sallada.

The package also includes a photo of Truman presenting Tom with the Medal of Honor, an 8 x 10 "Help from the Heavens" photo autographed by Silver Star Marine Dick Bonelli (Fox Company), regulation Navy pilot wings, and photos of Hudner & Brown to frame with your print!