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Taking Charge
- The Tide Has Turned -

by K. Sean Sullivan

January 13, 1945…Nearly a month after the Battle of the Bulge began, American forces are back on the offensive. At the Belgian village of Foy, Lt. Ron Speirs leads Easy Company, 506th P.I.R., 101st Airborne against an entrenched enemy.

Earlier, a shaky officer had stopped the attack prematurely, causing Capt. Richard Winters to send in Speirs to take charge.

Having rallied the men, Speirs now leads the final E-Company assault. At Foy and in the days to follow, the Allied breakout would prove unstoppable, and the Battle of the Bulge would end in victory.

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Only 190 prints, each numbered and signed by artist
K. Sean Sullivan. Includes 14 veteran signatures:

- The separate autographs of E-Company leaders
Lt. Buck Compton and Sgt. Don Malarkey!

Signers on the print include:
- Easy Company "Bulge" veteran Rod Strohl!
- Easy Company "Bulge" medic Al Mampre!
- Malmedy Massacre Survivors Harold Billow & Ted Paluch!
- Bastogne based Artillery Observer Don Burdick!
- "Bulge" Infantrymen & first time signers Maurice Berry, Harold Kist, Morris Metz, and Charles Nelsen!
- Plus 3 other "Bulge" veteran signers from our list below!

101st pin &

All prints are sold unframed

Only 200 prints, signed and numbered by
artist K. Sean Sullivan and 5 veterans including:

- 101st Airborne Silver Star recipient Chris McEwan!
- Malmedy Massacre survivor Harold Billow!

- Plus three other distinguished veteran signers!

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All prints are sold unframed

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Only 180 prints
, each numbered and signed by artist
K. Sean Sullivan. Includes 18 veteran signatures:

- The separate autographs of E-Company favorites
"Wild Bill" Guarnere & Babe Heffron!
Signers on the print include:
- Easy Company leaders Lt. Buck Compton
and Sgt. Don Malarkey!
- Easy Company scout Earl "One Lung" McClung!
- Easy Company veterans Brad Freeman, Clancy Lyall,
Ed Bernet, and Ed Tipper!
- Malmedy Massacre Survivors Harold Billow & Ted Paluch!
- 82nd Airborne veterans Stanley Kass & Chet Harrington!
- Plus three other signers from our list below!


- 101st Airborne pin to frame with your print!
Color COA with "History Behind the Art" trivia

All prints are sold unframed

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Only 7 prints worldwide. Each print is signed & numbered by artist K. Sean Sullivan and includes 21 signatures!

Each print includes the rare autograph card of Ron Speirs, exclusively signed for Valor Studios!

Each print also includes four rare autograph cards
signed for Valor Studios by Shifty Powers,
Frank Perconte, Bill Guarnere & Babe Heffron!

- 101st Airborne pin to frame with your print!
- Replica mini-Silver Star & Bronze Star medals, representing the awards earned by Captain Ron Speirs!
Color COA with "History Behind the Art" trivia


Arthur Ri., North Providence, RI
Keith As., Waltham, MA
Gary St., Arlington, VA
Steven Ad., New York, NY
Gene Ra., Colorado Springs, CO
Craig Ko., Valparaiso, IN
Larry Mi., Bartlesville, OK

A Signer Proof edition exists for print signers and helpers.
An unsigned Gallery Edition of 100 prints & 45 signed giclees may be made available in the future.

Mid-January 1945 has come. Patton’s 3rd Army has reached Bastogne, bringing 100,000 fresh troops to the fight . . .

At the deepest point in the “bulge,” Monty’s armored units have linked with the Americans and Hitler has ordered his forces to withdraw. The Allied counteroffensive is underway.

At the center of the breakout, the 101st Airborne has begun clearing the enemy from small Belgian towns. For the men of Easy Company of the 506th PIR, the town of Foy is in their sights.

Beginning at 9 a.m. on January 13, 1945, the attack to drive the Germans from the village of Foy, Belgium, quickly bogged down.

Encountering stiff resistance from the enemy's 9th Panzer Division, Easy’s C.O., Lt. Dike, called a halt to the unit’s progress 75 yards from town.

From the edge of the Bois Champay woods, Dick Winters watched with horror as the Germans poured fire into his former company. Winters wanted to relieve Dike and lead Easy himself. He grabbed his M-1, ran from the tree line, and then remembered his duty to the battalion.

Whirling, he came face to face with Lt. Ron Speirs. Winters shouted, "Speirs! Take over that company and relieve Dike and take that attack on it."

Under artillery fire, Speirs did just that. He barked new orders and got the company on the move. At the same time, as I Co approached from the east of the town, the paratroopers entered each other's cross fire.

Aware of the developing situation, Speirs took off, sprinting alone through no-man's-land to instruct the I Co officer to relocate his men more north and out of the cross fire.

1st Sgt. Carwood Lipton remembered Speirs’ dash, "...he just kept on running right through the German line, came out the other side, conferred with the I Company C.O., and ran back. Damn, that was impressive."

By 3 p.m., Easy, I-Co, and reinforcements from H-Co, F-Co, and HQ Co, had finally secured Foy.

Although historians mark conclusion of the Battle of the Bulge on Jan 25, not until mid-February would all territory lost to the Germans to be regained.

By then, American forces would suffer 80,000 casualties—15,000 men killed, 20,000 captured, and the rest wounded or MIA. On their end, the Germans would lose 100,000 troops, 1,200 planes, 600 tanks and something more: any hope of reversing the tide of World War II.


"Taking Charge" is signed by veterans of the war in Europe and those who fought in its climatic battle, the Battle of the Bulge! Click on the red links and news article icons below to learn more about each signer.

Romeo Battilana
Armored Infantry, 8th Armored Div.

Harold Kist
Rifleman, 99th Infantry Div.

Morris Metz
Rifleman, 94th Infantry Div.
Ted Paluch
Stan Wojtusik
Rifleman, 106th Infantry Div.
Harold Billow
285th FAOB
Don Burdick
16th FAOB
Bastogne defender

Maurice Berry
Rifleman, 26th Infantry Div.

Ed Bernat
Easy Company
506th P.I.R.
"Bud" Berry
C-47 Pilot
439th TCG
"Duke" Boswell
505th PIR, 82nd Airborne

Buck Compton
Easy Company
506th P.I.R.


Easy Company
506th P.I.R.
Nicholas Gianopoulos
Rifleman, 99th Infantry Div.
"Wild Bill" Guarnere
(separate w/PP)
Easy Company
506th P.I.R.
Chet Harrington
A-Co., 505th
Made all four combat jumps with the 82nd
during WWII!
Babe Heffron
(separate w/PP)
Easy Company
506th P.I.R.
Clancy Lyall
Easy Company
506th P.I.R.

Don Malarkey
Easy Company
506th P.I.R.

Earl McClung
Easy Company
506th P.I.R.
Stanley Kass
508th PIR, 82nd Abn. Featured in The Sword of St. Michael
Chris McEwan
501st PIR,
2 Silver Stars!

Featured in Battered Bastards of Bastogne
Charles Nelson
Rifleman, 87th Infantry Div.
Bob Noody
F-Co., 506th
Frank Perconte
(separate w/PP)
E-Co., 506th
Wounded at Foy

Shifty Powers
(separate w/PP)
Easy Company
506th P.I.R.

Rod Strohl
Easy Company
506th P.I.R.
Ed Tipper
Easy Company
506th P.I.R.
Fred Trenck
C-47 Pilot
441st TCG
Featured in The Screaming Eagles at Normandy
Louis Venditti
HQ, 506th
Silver Star
Shown in this famous photo!
Artist K. Sean Sullivan has been interested in WWII as long as he can remember. His father, father-in-law, and five uncles served in the war and Sean began collecting WWII memorabilia as a youth. Appropriately, one of his first artistic idols was Bill Mauldin. His talent in art was noticed early on.

Sean’s first professional employment was as a scenic artist for a theater where he painted backdrops for “The Sound of Music.” Soon after, in 1980, he joined the Utah Army National Guard and served as an Illustrator-Draftsman in the HHC of the 19th Special Forces Group.

In 1990 he moved to L.A. to begin a 14 year career in the feature animation industry that culminated with Walt Disney Feature Animation Studios in Orlando, Florida.

During this time, Sean renewed his childhood interest in military history and became involved in WWII reenacting. He joined the Company of Military Historians to gain a better understanding of life as a soldier in WWII.

Now an independent artist with a BFA in Illustration, Sean’s passion is to depict the American G.I.. When not teaching colleges courses in art, he works from his home where he is married and has four children. His work has earned regional and international acclaim and can be found in the National Infantry Museum at Fort Benning.

Valor Studios is proud to now represent Sean in publishing his military artwork for audiences, worldwide!

Valor Studios wishes to thank the following for their assistance with this project:
The family of Ron Speirs, including his son Robert and stepsons Marv & Mike Bethea, Heather Pimm at, Battle of the Bulge researcher Reg Jans, and the distinguished veterans who made this print possible.