ow is your chance to own a one-of-a-kind masterpiece by famed artist Nicolas Trudgian, the sequel to our best-selling print ever, "The Guardian"!

The detail in “The Guardian Returns” is magnificent. On the ground, SdKfz 7 halftracks tow fiercesome flak 88s through the village of Carolinensiel. Fishermen load their catch aboard a horse-drawn cart. A train steams along the coast. Children pull sleds behind them and German soldiers, off-duty from the coastal defenses, head for the warmth of a gasthaus.

This painting is signed on the back by five decorated pilots, men of both sides who fought in the skies of Europe during World War II!

This original oil painting is 36" x 22" (the same as The Guardian) and sold unframed.

Having sold all four of our Trudgian paintings, this is the only one we have for sale so don't wait to claim this ultimate A Higher Call collectible!

It was a Christmas miracle in the making. The American B-17 bomber was damaged and defenseless, and the Bf 109 of German ace, Franz Stigler, was primed for an easy kill. But upon seeing the bomber’s crew, some wounded, and one dead, Franz decided to break the cycle of violence. Choosing life over death, he escorted the bomber to the North Sea, saluted the American pilot, and flew away.

Now, it’s Franz’s life that is in danger. A quaint German village lies below, warm and inviting, just four days before Christmas. But this is wartime. If anyone reports Franz for sparing the enemy, he will face a firing squad as a traitor. No one can catch a glimpse of his markings. If Franz is to survive, he must fly, and fly fast!

Signing the painting in honor of Lt. Franz Stigler are veterans of the Luftwaffe,
now all American citizens, and the 8th Air Force pilots they fought against!
Harald Bauer
17-year-old Fw 190 fighter pilot & He 162 jet pilot. After the war, became a U.S. Navy recon pilot during the Korean War!
Jorg Czypionka
Bf 109 & Me 262 pilot
2 victories
Technical advisor on
A Higher Call!

Williard "G.I." Gillette
4th FG, 334th F.S.
P-51 Mustang pilot
3 victories in the air
1.5 on the ground
Flew in "Operation Frantic II"

Sam Satariano
379th BG, 527th Sq.
B-17 pilot "Piccadilly Willie" and "Lakanukie"
28 Combat Missions
Original cadre of the 379th!

Roland Martin
379th BG, 525th Sq.
19-year-old B-17 pilot of "The Iron Maiden." Shot down on "Black Thursday," the infamous 2nd Schweinfurt raid.