Bastogne 1944 Art Print
Bastogne 1944 Art Print
Dick Winters December 1944 near Bastogne
Hang Tough Bastogne 1944 art print detail
101st Airborne in Bastogne 1944 art print
Paratrooper Shifty Powers
Easy Company paratroopers
Paratrooper Ron Speirs
Easy Company paratroopers with Hang Tough, Bastogne 1944 art print

Hang Tough, Bastogne 1944 by John D. Shaw

  • December 24, 1944, north of Bastogne, Belgium: Within the Bois Jacques forest, paratroopers of Easy Company, 506th P.I.R., 101st Airborne, filter back to their foxholes having repelled an attack earlier in the day.

    On this frigid Christmas Eve, Captain Dick Winters supports his men with his words: “Hang Tough.” Despite being surrounded and ill-equipped, the Band of Brothers would hold the line. Ultimately, the 101st Airborne would help turn the tide in the Battle of the Bulge.

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  • MAIN EDITION - Resale, in mint condition!
    Sold out a decade ago, this hard-to-find Main Edition print is from an edition of 850 limited-edition prints, signed by artist John Shaw and including the autographs of 4 Band of Brothers paratroopers who fought in the Bois Jacques: Don Malarkey, Babe Heffron, Forrest Guth (separate signature card), and Earl McClung (separate signature card). Includes 101st and 506th patches, a .30 casing recovered in the Ardennes, and a Certificate of Authenticity. A no-interest payment plan is available upon request.

  • "Hang Tough, Bastogne 1944" is hand-signed by a collection of WWII heroes! Signers vary print by print. Please click the EDITIONS tab to see which veterans signed which prints.

    Buck Compton
    Jack Foley
    "Wild Bill" Guarnere
    Forrest Guth
    Babe Heffron
    Ed Joint
    Clancy Lyall
    Don Malarkey
    Earl McClung
    Shifty Powers
    Paul Rogers
    Ed Shames
    Ron Speirs (Publisher Proofs only)
    Rod Strohl
    Herb Suerth 
    Buck Taylor
    Hank Zimmerman
    Jack Agnew (Pathfinder)

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