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We're eager to answer any questions you may have we and kindly ask that you look over the FAQs below before emailing us.

Are the autographs on your products hand-signed?

Each Valor Studios product, if indicated as signed by the artist or a veteran, has been hand-autographed. We do not sell products with printed or mechanically reproduced signatures. Art prints are signed in pencil (unless noted otherwise). Photos, posters, giclees and books are signed in ink.

Will my print/poster/photo arrive framed?

No. All Valor Studios’ fine art prints, giclees, posters, etc., ship unframed and unmatted, rolled in tubes. Items are shown framed on our website for display purposes only and carry a label explaining this below each image.

How are your veteran signers compensated?

During Valor Studios' humble beginnings, we compensated our veteran signers by giving each several thousand dollars worth of prints and an all expenses paid reunion with their comrades. In the ensuing years, as Valor Studios grew, we were finally able to pay the veterans for their efforts with a cash honorarium in addition to continuing their payment in art prints.

For many of our signers, working with Valor Studios provides them with their only source of income outside of social security. Know that when you purchase an item from Valor Studios, you're not only supporting an all-American family business, but also the veterans who sign our products. We're proud to say that some of our veteran friends have been signing with us for 15+ years!

Do you have a payment plan for purchasing your prints?

We've teamed up with the leading e-commerce company,, to offer a four-month payment plans on select prints & canvases. A $5 fee is incorporated into the plan cost to cover the credit card processing and service fee from begin your payment plan simply click the "Payment Plan" tab that appears with an eligible print and follow the instructions from there. Want to purchase several prints at once on a single payment plan? Email us and we'll send you a custom link to use.

What payment methods do you accept?

Our website accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, Apple Pay and Google Pay. We can accept checks and money orders so please email us and we'll provide instructions on where to mail them.

What happens if a product is damaged in transit to me?

After twenty plus years of experience, we are pleased to report that shipping damage seldom occurs. However, if a Valor Studios product is damaged in transit, we will help the buyer file an insurance claim with the USPS. In the unlikely event that this service is necessary, we ask that the buyer notify us of any shipping damage immediately after he/she receives a shipment.

Do you accept returns and refunds or exchanges?

Since our high-quality products match our straightforward product descriptions, Valor Studios does not allow returns, refunds, or exchanges for products unless a wrong item has been shipped. If there are any questions concerning a product please contact us before purchasing.

How is my print shipped?

Valor Studios prints are shipped carefully rolled in a strong tube produced by the industry-leading manufacturer. We ship prints with full insurance equal to the print's retail price. For domestic and APO addresses, we ship by US Postal Priority Mail/Airmail. Because delivery times vary by destination please allow up to three weeks for receipt of your print. For specialized shipping instructions, please contact us by email or phone.

I lost my print's Certificate of Authenticity, do you have an extra? 

Unfortunately we only create enough certificates to match one per print so we are unable to provide replacements.

I would like to use a Valor Studios image in my book/website/video, can I? 

We are sometimes able to allow use of our art images in various media. Please contact us with the details of your project, how the image will be used and we will be in touch.  

i have a sold out print, would you like to buy it back?

Due to prolific repurchasing of sold out prints over the last several years we are not purchasing back any prints at this time. We are also unable to provide resale values or other venues to sell your prints.

can you help me value my print collection?

We wish we could help however due to the large number of sold out print editions in circulation (over 90!) we are unable to keep up-to-date on their current values. As a result, we are unable to provide this service.

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