During the past 20+ years that we've been in the art business, we've been fortunate to cross paths with world-class authors, historians, tour guides, reenactors, history buffs, and veterans’ family members who have eagerly shared their expertise, contacts, and time to help us tell veterans’ stories through art. We’d like to extend a hearty "THANKS!" to the people below who deserve special recognition for their help on one or more of our art projects over these 20+ wonderful years:

Paul Ademic
Larry Alexander
Mark Bando
Doug Barber
Don Barnes
Marv & Mike Bethea
Steve Blake
Bill Boller
Jan Bos
Cindy Buervenich
Eric Carlson
Ernie Carlson
Daniel Carrizales
Rob Collings
Joe Conway
Tony Coulter
Jack Craft
Rusty Dicks
Brian Domitrovich
Mark Durivage
Jeff Dypwick
Mark Easton
Franz Englram
James Fenelon
Bruce Gamble
Rick Giancarlo
Robin Gillert

David Harper, Eagles Nest Tours
Mike Hart
Sherry Herringshaw
Robert Hill
Bob Hoffman
Bob James
Battle of the Bulge researcher Reg Jans
Brig. Gen. Leon Johnson
Thomas Kibler
Bob Koenigs, Guesthouse Bo Temps
Bob Krause
Tim Landers
Julee MacDonald
Billy Maloney
Peter Martin
Yvonne McGee
Richard McQuiston
Patrick Mooney
Glen Moss
Joe Muccia
Nikki and Gabriele Orsini
Honorable Rick Perry
Heather Pimm
Wayne Powers
Terry Poyser
Neil Pugh
Scott Ramsey
Rich Riley

Jane Rogers
Richard Sallee
Marvin Schroeder
Pete Semanoff
Dave Shaw
Steve Shultz
Jack Slattery
Henry, Jeanne & John Sledge
Susan Smilanich
Joe Soltis
Gwenelle Spann
Robert Speirs
Helga Stigler
Chris & Dawn Stuckey
Jon Teboe
Crystal Tedesco
Tom Thomas
Charlie Walker
Steve Wallace
Carol Warner
Roger Watts
Rev. Solomon Williams
GySgt. (ret.) Thomas Williams
The Wings Over the Rockies museum
Paul Woodadge, founder of WW2TV on YouTube
Steve Zaloga
Ed Zavarille