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Established in 1999, we're the world's top publisher of military art prints, books, and collectibles autographed by heroes you'll know, including Dick Winters, the Band of Brothers, Franz Stigler & Charlie Brown, Hal Moore, and even President George Bush. Join 15,000+ collectors and add a Valor Studios product to your collection today!


Today I received my copy of the Nicolas Trudgian print, ‘The Guardian' . . . I must admit to getting teary on first inspection."

Yvonne A., Australia

I just purchased the Publisher Proof [Day of Days]. You've definitely made my day—actually week."

Zak G., Massachusetts

Received the print [Tip of the Spear] today and my wife and I love it. Thank you Valor Studios for keeping our Veterans' stories alive."

Joe L., New Jersey

We received the print [The Veterans] and it is gorgeous!! Such a beautiful depiction . . . [it] will be a wonderful addition."

Karen B., Florida
"We Were a Band of Brothers" by John D. Shaw


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