Easy Company Bastogne
Easy Company Bastogne
Near Bastogne, December 2004 . . .
to Valor Studios, home of the world's
Don Malarkey, Babe Heffron, "Wild Bill" Guarnere, and Earl McClung, all legendary Band of Brothers paratroopers from Easy Company, reflect at the grave of a fallen friend in this stunning autographed art print by Matt Hall! Titled, "In the Company of Heroes," we have prints available starting at $95.
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We have a wide variety of autographed books available for sale, ranging from A Higher Call by Adam Makos to Band of Brothers by Stephen Ambrose. Browse our collection of WWII veteran signed books today!
B-17 Ye Olde Pub
Bastogne 325th FG P-51 101st Airborne at Bastogne

In this stunning print by famed artist Nicolas Trudgian, elements of Patton's 3rd Army arrive in Bastogne on December 27th, 1944, breaking the German siege.
We have a small number remaining of our classic photo "Scared Stiff" which shows 101st Airborne paratroopers in their C-47 on D-Day. Each photo is signed by two distinguished 101st paratroopers!
The war in Europe is over as P-51 Mustangs of the 325th Fighter Group buzz Hitler's Eagles Nest and the 101st Airborne paratroopers now occupying it in this new John D. Shaw print.

The Band of Brothers paratroopers defend against a German assault on Bastogne in this powerful new print by James Dietz! Titled, "Hold Fast," we have autographed prints available starting at $175!
Lt. Franz Stigler, in his Bf 109 fighter, escorts Lt. Charlie Brown and the B-17F "Ye Olde Pub" over the North Sea in this stunning new autographed print by Nicolas Trudgian that pays tribute to the famed "A Higher Call" incident!