"Masters of the Air" Rosie Rosenthal autographed art print
"Masters of the Air" Rosie Rosenthal autographed art print
Masters of the Air Rosie Rosenthal autographed art print
100th Bomb Group B-17 art print
100th Bomb Group B-17 art print
100th Bomb Group pilot Robert Rosie Rosenthal
100th Bomb Group navigator Harry Crosby
Rosie Rosenthal and Harry Crosby autographed art print
100th Bomb Group B-17 pilot Tom Jeffrey
100th Bomb Group B-17 pilot Cowboy Roane
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Men of the Century by Robert Bailey

  • Released in 1999, we have a small number of this long sold-out print, in mint-condition, hand-signed by the real heroes seen in Masters of the Air: Robert "Rosie" Rosenthal, Harry Crosby, Owen "Cowboy" Roane, and Tom Jeffrey, the CO of the 100th!

    October 8th, 1943: Flying Fortresses of the 100th Bomb Group (H), with check lists and warm-ups complete, depart Thorpe Abbotts for Bremen. As the lead elements of the group take off and begin assembly, German pilots miles away nervously wait for the call to man their Focke-Wulfs and Messerschmitts to confront the advancing bomber streams. For The Men of the Century, the approaching conflict occupies their thoughts as they try to concentrate on the deadly mission. The outcome, as always, hangs in the balance.

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    350 limited-edition prints, signed by four 100th Bomb Group aircrew who flew over Bremen: pilot Robert "Rosie" Rosenthal, navigator Harry Crosby, 100th BG Commanding Officer Tom Jeffrey, and pilot Owen "Cowboy" Roane. Includes pilot wings, signer bio sheet, and a Certificate of Authenticity.

  • "Men of the Century" was hand-signed in 1999 by the following 100th Bomb Group airmen:

    HARRY CROSBY was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in 1942 and served two years overseas with the 100th. B.G. He flew 37 missions, mostly as the Lead Navigator, including the longest 8th. A.F. missions to the north (Trondheim, Norway) east (Berlin, landing in Russia), and south (Regensburg, landing in north Africa). He was the task force lead navigator on the Bremen mission until his plane, 'Just a Snappin' was shot out of the formation and had to return on two engines alone at low altitude. Decorations include D.F.C. (three times), Air Medal (seven times), Bronze Star, two Presidential Citations and Croix de Guerre with Silver Star (two times). He retired as a Lt. Colonel. He is author of the book 'A Wing and a Prayer.'

    TOM JEFFREY flew photo recon and anti-submarine patrols over Panama and Guatemala. For the next four months he was with the 40th Bomb Group on anti-submarine patrols over the Galapagos Islands, piloting a B-17E. From then until July of 1943, he was with the 34th Bomb Group, forming new bomb groups and training combat crews on B-17's. He was assigned to the 100th Bomb Group in May 1944 as Officer Commanding. His rank at the time of the Bremen mission was Major, although he retired as a Major General. Among the missions he flew were Rostok, Berlin, Stuttgart, Schweinfurt and two Russian shuttle missions. Decorations include D.S.M., Silver Star, Bronze Star, D.F.C. (four times) Legion of Merit (two times) and Croix de Guerre, and Air Force Commendation (twice).

    OWEN "COWBOY" ROANE enlisted in 1940 and after pilot training requested to be assigned to the 100th. Bomb Group, where he became a pilot in the 349th. Squadron. He flew 10 missions before being given the position of Lead Pilot. After 10 more missions he was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant for a total of 28 missions. On the Bremen mission, he was a Flight Officer. During his tour of duty in the European theatre, he never aborted a mission. For this, he gladly gives credit to his ground crew. His most significant missions were Regensburg, Hamburg, Bremen, and leading the remnant of the 100th. Bomb Group to Schweinfurt. 'Cowboy' considers the mission he led to Rjukan, Norway, as the most important sortie of the war. The 100th. stopped the German production of 'heavy water' at this site. He retired as a Lt. Colonel. Decorations include D.F.C. with two Oak Leaf Clusters, Air Medal with four Oak Leaf Clusters, Presidential Citation with two Oak Leaf Clusters, plus other awards.

    ROBERT "ROSIE" ROSENTHAL enlisted on December 8, 1941, and joined the 100th B.G. in the fall 1943 as a pilot during the onset of the more famous missions. On his third mission, 'Rosie' flew the mission to Munster. Only Rosenthal and his crew in 'Royal Flush' returned to Thorpe Abbotts. During the Bremen raid, 'Rosie' was a 2nd. Lieutenant. He went on to complete 52 missions and was on his third tour when the war ended. He was an Assistant Prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trials. 'Rosie' was awarded sixteen decorations, including D.S.C., Silver Star (twice), D.F.C. (twice), Air Medal with seven clusters, two Purple Hearts and British and French decorations.

  • Watch the official "Masters of the Air" trailer below. 

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