The Band of Brothers at the Eagle's Nest
The Band of Brothers at the Eagle's Nest
The Band of Brothers at the Eagle's Nest
The Band of Brothers at the Eagles Nest
Ron Speirs of Easy Company
Captured war loot
Easy Company at the Eagles Nest
The Eagle's Nest by John D. Shaw
The Eagle's Nest by John D. Shaw
The Eagle's Nest by John D. Shaw
The Eagle's Nest by John D. Shaw
Easy Company's Babe Heffron
Babe Heffron in Band of Brothers
Babe Heffron's cameo in Band of Brothers.
The Eagle's Nest by John D. Shaw

The Eagle's Nest by John D. Shaw

  • May 7, 1945: With Göring’s champagne and Bavarian beer, the veterans of Easy Company celebrate the end of World War II in Europe. Fate could write no better ending for the paratroopers who jumped into the darkness of Normandy, slugged through the mud of Holland, and froze in the woods of Bastogne. Now, in Berchtesgaden’s storybook Alps, P-51s of the “Checkertail Clan” cap the party as the Band of Brothers enjoy the spoils of war, the beauty of peace, and a toast to the heroes who fell along the way.

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  • MAIN EDITION - Resale, in mint condition, order below
    Sold out for more than a decade, this hard-to-find Main Edition print is from an edition of 850 limited-edition prints, signed by artist John D. Shaw and 5 of the Band of Brothers! Signing are: Earl McClung (depicted), Babe Heffron (depicted), Buck Compton, Al Mampre and Brad Freeman. Included are a dried Edelweiss from Berchtesgaden, replica jump wings, a 506th pin, two paratrooper photos in Berchtesgaden, our "Return to the Eagle's Nest" DVD and a Certificate of Authenticity with "History Behind the Art."

    "The Eagle's Nest" included print editions with up to 22 autographs. To discover what other prints we have available for resale, that are not listed on this page, please email us here.

  • "The Eagles Nest" was signed by a combination of the below veterans who fought to liberate Europe during World War II. Representing Easy Company, 506th P.I.R., 101st Airborne:

    Ed Bernat
    Buck Compton
    Jack Foley
    Brad Freeman
    "Wild Bill" Guarnere
    Forrest Guth
    Babe Heffron
    Ed Joint
    Joe Lesniewski
    Clancy Lyall
    Don Malarkey
    Earl McClung
    Frank Perconte
    Shifty Powers
    Ed Shames
    Ron Speirs
    Rod Strohl
    Buck Taylor
    Ed Tipper
    Dick Winters

    Representing the Pathfinders & Troop Carrier Aircrews:

    Jack Agnew - "Filthy 13" & Pathfinder at Bastogne
    Tom Bellitto - C-47 crew chief 87th Troop Carrier Squadron
    Bud Berry - C-47 pilot 91st Troop Carrier Sq.

    Representing the Fighter Pilots who provided air support:

    Ron Dove - pilot "King Richard VI" 325th FG (Checkertail Clan)
    Gerald Edwards - pilot "Alp Scalper" 325th FG (Checkertail Clan)
    John Gonda - pilot 325th FG (Checkertail Clan)

  • Easy Company veterans Don Malarkey and Earl McClung will be your guides as they travel to the Alpine town of Berchtesgaden, Germany in our exclusive DVD production “Return to the Eagle's Nest.”

    Filmed during their recent 2008 odyssey, Don and Earl revisit 3rd Reich sites and stories from the war’s final days, perhaps for the last time.

    See where Talbert discovered Hitler’s Mercedes, how McClung became the first American to reach the Eagle’s Nest, and visit the train tunnel where Malarkey’s friend found Goring’s jeweled sword.

    This special bonus DVD accompanied the Eagle Proof, Publisher Proof, Artist Proof, and Victory Edition prints of “The Eagles Nest.”

$495 USD

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