Autographed Devotion Young Adult book
Autographed Devotion Young Adult book
"Devotion" Young Adult with autographed bookplate
VF-32 pilot Bill Wilkinson
Bill Wilkinson, Navy pilot
Bill Wilkinson autographing bookplates
Devotion author Adam Makos
Ensign Jesse Brown in Devotion
Tom Hudner in Devotion

"Devotion" Young Adult with autographed bookplate

  • We have the Young Adult adaptation of the bestselling book Devotion, written by Valor Studios co-founder Adam Makos.

    Each hardback comes with a bookplate mounted inside that has been autographed by both Adam and VF-32 Corsair pilot Bill Wilkinson, who is a character featured within the book.

    Written for young adults aged 12 and up, this tells the same story as the adult book but a little faster and with less violence.

    Includes a COA // shipping added in checkout // ships bubble wrapped & boxed

  • A young adult adaptation of the national bestseller that details the true story of two Navy pilots from divergent racial and economic backgrounds who forge a deep friendship during the Korean War as they face extraordinary circumstances. Soon to be a major motion picture starring Jonathan Majors and Glen Powell, with supporting cast including Joe Jonas.

    Lieutenant Tom Hudner and Ensign Jesse Brown, Navy pilots during the Korean War in 1950, come from different backgrounds: Hudner is a white New Englander, a son of privilege; Brown is an African American son of a sharecropper from Mississippi. When the two men join forces in Fighter Squadron 32, they forge a deep friendship at a time when racial inequality is prevalent in America.

    An unwavering commitment binds Tom and Jesse to each other as well as to their comrades. The two fly to save a division of US Marines cornered during the battle at Chosin Reservoir, but catastrophe strikes when one of them is shot down behind enemy lines and trapped in the wreckage of his plane. The other will face an unthinkable choice: watch his friend die, or attempt one of history’s most audacious one-man rescue missions. What transpires is harrowing and heartbreaking, an inspirational story for all time.

    Bill "Wilkie" Wilkinson left Yale to become a Naval aviator, a job he dreamed of as a kid. He was assigned to VF-32 just days prior to the Korea deployment. Bill piloted many combat missions with VF-32, even flying as wingman to Ensign Jesse Brown for a strike on the Yalu bridges. On December 3, 1950, Bill flew a close air support mission to help the Marines at Hagaru. After Korea, Bill transitioned to the Naval Reserves and became an American Airlines captain. He retired from the Navy as a Lieutenant Commander.

  • The story of Jesse Brown and Tom Hudner arrives on the big screen this November! Check out the teaser below that introduces Ens. Jesse Brown:

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