3rd Armored Division Sherman tank art print
3rd Armored Division Sherman tank art print
Third Armored Division Sherman tank art print
M4A1 Sherman tank Battle of the Bulge art print
3rd Armored Division Sherman tank close up
3rd Armored Division M4A3 Sherman tank
3rd Armored Division's Clarence Smoyer
3rd Armored Division Armored Infantryman Buck Marsh
P-38 pilot Jim Kunkle
Counterpunch goodies

Counterpunch by Nicolas Trudgian

  • December 24, 1944 - Hèdrée, Belgium: The 3rd Armored Division’s General Rose had put out the warning: there can be no retreat from the German onslaught “or there will be a war to be fought all over again,” and his “Spearhead” tankers of E-Co., 32nd AR, have taken the message to heart. Now, in the “hour of peril,” they’re on the offensive, cutting the N4 road and buying time for reinforcements to reach the Battle of the Bulge. And they aren’t alone. The allied counterpunch continues above them, where clear skies from a “Russian High” allow P-38s of the 370th FG to hunt and bombers to raid enemy supply trains. Weeks of deadly fighting are to come, but these Americans can already feel the warmth of hope, knowing that victory lies somewhere beyond the frozen horizon.

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  • ARTIST PROOF - Less than half remain!
    100 limited-edition prints, signed by Nicolas Trudgian. Includes 9 signatures: The heroes of "Spearhead" - Clarence Smoyer, gunner of "Eagle" (lead tank shown), tank commander Joe Caserta, "Blitz Dough" Buck Marsh, tank commander Frank "Cajun Boy" Audiffred (separate signature card), FURY tanker George Smilanich, plus four more Battle of the Bulge veterans! Also includes a photo of Clarence's Sherman, a photo of 370th FG P-38s, a 9th Air Force pin, a 32nd AR crest pin, and a Certificate of Authenticity.

    MAIN EDITION - Less than half remain!
    100 limited-edition prints, signed by Nicolas Trudgian and three veterans of the Battle of the Bulge: Spearhead hero Clarence Smoyer, whose tank is shown in the lead, 6th Armored Division recon soldier Wayne Field and Richard Rohleder, artilleryman with the 82nd Airborne. Also includes a signature card of P-38 pilot Bob Parry, whose 370th FG is shown in the sky above, a photo of Clarence's Sherman "Eagle," a photo of 370th FG P-38s, a 9th Air Force pin, a 32nd AR crest pin, and a Certificate of Authenticity. 

    100 limited-edition prints

    A Signer Proof edition of 100 prints exists, not-for-sale. An Artist Reserve edition of 25 prints & 30 canvases exists.

  • "Counterpunch" includes a brilliant collection of signatures from WWII heroes! Signers vary print by print. Please click "editions" to see which veterans' autographs accompany which prints.

    Clarence Smoyer
    One of America’s most celebrated tank gunners, Clarence served in Shermans before being awarded one of 20 Pershings shipped to the ETO. He claimed five enemy tanks in battle and is the hero of the bestselling book Spearhead. In 2019 he was awarded the Bronze Star with "V" for Valor. View the video below to learn more. 

    Frank Audiffred
    (Separate Signature Card)
    Nicknamed "Cajun Boy," Frank served as a gunner and commander in M4 Shermans alongside Clarence & Joe Caserta in Easy Company. Frank had four tanks shot out from under him.

    Joe Caserta
    Joe served as a driver and commander in Shermans alongside Frank & Clarence in E-Co.. Joe was wounded during the assault on Blatzheim and appears in the book Spearhead.

    Wayne Field
    Wayne served as a Jeep driver in 2nd Platoon, D Troop, 86th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron, 6th Armored Division performing dangerous scouting missions ahead of the division. He fought throughout Germany and outside of Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge. 

    Brad Freeman
    Easy Company (506th PIR, 101st Airborne), veteran of D-Day, Market Garden, Battle of the Bulge, wounded in attack on Foy. Part of the 2nd Platoon's mortar squad under Don Malarkey & Bill Guarnere.

    James Kunkle
    21-year-old P-38 pilot of "Kunk's Klunk" in the 370th FG (depicted). Received the D.S.C., second to the MOH, for single-handedly taking on a gaggle of German fighters and shooting down two!

    Malcolm "Buck" Marsh
    Buck served as a "Blitz Dough" with A-Co., 36th Armored Infantry Regiment, riding Clarence's Pershing into battle at Paderborn. Buck is a main character in the book Spearhead.

    Bob Parry (Separate Signature Card)
    19-year-old P-38 pilot of "Windy" in the 370th FG (depicted). Flew 42 missions in 1944 specializing in ground attack & tank column support. Received six Air Medals, the Purple Heart and a Presidential Citation.

    Richard Rohleder
    A glider artilleryman with the 320th GFAB, 82nd Abn., Richard was deployed near Webermont, Belgium, during the Bulge, where his unit fired more than 18,000 rounds of artillery to help stem the German assault.

    George Smilanich
    George served as a tank driver in the 2nd AD "Hell on Wheels," from North Africa to Normandy to the Bulge & beyond. Earned the Bronze Star for pulling his commander from their burning Sherman. Served as a consultant on the film Fury.

    Rev. Walter Stitt
    Sherman gunner in the 3rd AD, 33rd AR. Fought from Normandy to Mons to the Bulge where he was wounded by a Panzerfaust, losing his third tank of the war. Recovered and assigned to the 8th Air Force's 95th Bomb Group as a bomb loader.

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