T26E3 Pershing "Eagle 7" artwork
T26E3 Pershing "Eagle 7" artwork
Cologne tank duel art print
Cologne tank duel 1945 art print
M26 Pershing Eagle 7 Crew
Panther tank Cologne cathedral
Gustav Schaefer and Clarence Smoyer
Clarence Smoyer with Sherman tank
36th Armored Infantry Buck Marsh
Clarence Smoyer receives Bronze Star
M5 Stuart driver Harley Swenson

Tip of the Spear by Gareth Hector

  • March 6, 1945 - They had answered the call. In the last hours of the last day of the battle for Cologne, a “monster” of an enemy tank had parked itself at the cathedral. It was a Panther, the “Pride of the Wehrmacht,” and already it had knocked-out two Shermans, daring anyone else to come forward. The crew of the T26E3 named “Eagle 7” obliged them. Three shots rang out, three hits echoed, and the Panther went up in flames. Now, the men of the Spearhead Division race to the finish line at the Rhine. White flags are waving and spoils await the victors. No crew is more deserving than the men of “Eagle 7.” They had led the way through the city. They had gone forward into history’s most famous tank duel, and they had won it. Cologne is theirs.

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  • ARTIST PROOFS - Low Supply!
    100 limited-edition prints, signed by Gareth Hector and includes four WWII veteran signatures: Clarence Smoyer, gunner of “Eagle 7,” Harley Swenson (separate signature), Stuart driver shown in "Tip of the Spear," Buck Marsh (separate signature), 36th AIR "Blitz Dough," and Richard Rohleder, 82nd Airborne, his division occupied Cologne & tested bazookas on the Cathedral Panther! Package includes two photos, Bronze Star ribbon and a Certificate of Authenticity.

    PUBLISHER PROOF - Resale, in mint condition!

    Sold out years ago, this extremely rare Publisher Proof is from an edition of 180 limited-edition prints, signed by artist Gareth Hector and including the signatures of six veterans: Clarence Smoyer, gunner of the M26 "Eagle 7," Joe Caserta, Sherman commander shown behind "Eagle 7," Buck Marsh, "Blitz Dough" who rode Clarence's tank into battle, Harley Swenson (separate signature), Stuart driver shown in the background of "Tip of the Spear," Richard Rohleder, 82nd Airborne, his division occupied Cologne & tested bazookas on the Cathedral Panther, and Gustav Schaefer (extracted signature), German tank gunner who reunited with Clarence in Cologne during 2013. Package includes two photos, mini-Bronze Star medal and a Certificate of Authenticity.

    100 limited-edition prints

    A Signer Proof edition exists, not-for-sale. 45 canvas giclees will be for sale. 

  • "Tip of the Spear" is hand-signed by a collection of WWII heroes! Signers vary print by print. Please click "editions" to see which veterans signed which prints.

    Frank Audiffred (separate signature card)
    Nicknamed "Cajun Boy," Frank served as a gunner and commander in M4 Shermans alongside Clarence & Joe Caserta in Easy Company. Frank had four tanks shot out from under him!

    Joe Caserta
    Joe served as a driver and commander in Shermans alongside Frank & Clarence in E-Co.. Joe was wounded during the assault on Blatzheim and appears in the book Spearhead.

    Malcolm "Buck" Marsh
    Buck served as a "Blitz Dough" with A-Co., 36th Armored Infantry Regiment, riding Clarence's Pershing into battle at Paderborn. Buck is a main character in the book Spearhead.

    Gustav Schaefer (separate signature card)
    18-year-old radioman/bow gunner in Panthers and later Mark IVs. Served in the 2nd Co., 106 Panzer Brigade "Feldherrnhalle." Knocked out of action by Clarence Smoyer on March 6 in Cologne. His CO was the commander of the Panther at the cathedral.

    Harley Swenson (separate signature card)
    As a driver on Stuart tanks, Harley served in B-Company, 32nd Armored Regiment, 3rd AD. At Cologne his tank was ordered to make a dash for the cathedral but luckily Clarence knocked out the Panther just before he did.

    Clarence Smoyer
    One of America’s most celebrated tank gunners, Clarence served in Shermans before being awarded one of 20 Pershings shipped to the ETO. He claimed five enemy tanks in battle and is the hero of the bestselling book Spearhead.

    Richard Rohleder
    Represents the 82nd Airborne, who occupied Cologne in April 1945 and finally destroyed the cathedral Panther during Bazooka testing. A glider artilleryman with the 320th GFAB, 82nd Abn., Richard fought from Market Garden through the VE-Day.

  • Tip of the Spear is signed by Clarence Smoyer, one of America’s newest war heroes. On September 18, he received the Bronze Star with V for Valor for the very action depicted in Tip of the Spear!

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