UH-60 Black Hawks over Afghanistan art print
UH-60 Black Hawks over Afghanistan art print
UH-60L Black Hawk art print
Framed UH-60 Black Hawk artwork
82nd Airborne UH-60 Black Hawk art print
UH-60L Black Hawk artwork
UH-60 Black Hawk art close up
UH-60 Black Hawk pilots

A New Dawn: Afghanistan by Matt Hall

  • High in the remote mountains of Afghanistan, where once Alexander the Great defeated the Persians, America’s warriors patrol the ancient land. Far from their homes and loved ones, they risk their lives to destroy an empire of terror that lurks in the shadows. Shoulder to shoulder, they bring light to the darkness. All will give Afghanistan the hope of a new dawn, but some will be called to give their last breath for a better world.

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  • ARTIST PROOF - Less than half remain!
    200 limited-edition prints, signed by Matt Hall and two decorated UH-60 Black Hawk pilots: Captain Eric Carlson & CW2 Eric Fry who flew & fought in Afghanistan. Includes COA with "History Behind the Art."

    2001 limited-edition prints, bearing no signatures. Includes COA with "History Behind the Art." 

    200 limited-edition canvas giclees, signed by Matt Hall. Sold rolled. Includes COA with "History Behind the Art."

    A Signer Proof edition exists, not-for-sale.

  • "A New Dawn: Afghanistan" Artist Proofs are hand-signed by two decorated UH-60 pilots. 

    Commander of "The Cavemen"
    B-Co., 2nd Battalion
    82nd Combat Aviation Brigade

    Eric Carlson served in Afghanistan as an Air Assault Company Commander and UH-60L Black Hawk Aviator from 2007-2008. Under his command "The Cavemen" would fly in excess of 10,000 combat hours conducting diverse missions ranging from resupply and troop movements to several high-risk air assaults in support of the 10th Mountain, 173rd Airborne, 3rd and 7th Special Forces Groups (Airborne), and many other units.

    On one harrowing mission, Carlson would spend in excess of nine hours flying without any illumination under NVGs attempting to rescue a unit from the 173rd who were ambushed on November 9th, 2007 near FOB Bella. Two days later, on Veteran’s Day, he would respond to a "troops in contact call" after three Special Forces convoys were ambushed in a well coordinated attack by over 100 Taliban fighters. Carlson and his crew would spend the entire day under heavy enemy machine gun, automatic small arms, and RPG fire suppressing the ambush that was too close for most attack aircraft munitions. For his actions in Afghanistan, Carlson would be presented the Bronze Star Medal, and Air Medal for Valor, among other decorations.

    The Cavemen would leave Afghanistan as a unit recognized for its dependability and would be known for never turning down a mission or request by ground, even under the highest threat conditions.

    UH-60 pilot with "The Cavemen"
    B-Co., 2nd Battalion
    82nd Combat Aviation Brigade

    Only 3 months after graduating the UH-60 Blackhawk Aircraft Qualification Course, Eric Fry deployed to Bagram, Afghanistan as part of the Alpha Company Redhawks, 2nd Battalion, 82nd Aviation Brigade. The Redhawks were the only regular army Blackhawk Company in the country during this time. The 82nd’s mission was simple . . . clean up what was left of the Taliban. Eric's experience gained with the Redhawks was valuable, but nothing would prepare he and the 82nd Aviation for their return trip in January 2007.

    Eric served again in Bagram, Afghanistan with the Bravo Company Cavemen from January 2007-February 2008 as an Aviation Safety Officer, Air Mission Commander, and Pilot in Command. During the 4 year hiatus from the first trip to Afghanistan, the Taliban had regained strength and its presence was very much known. Bravo Company had returned as one of 4 Blackhawk companies in Afghanistan, as the first indication of the escalation. Eric took part in many missions throughout the year long deployment, from air assaults, to immediate response to vehicles hit by IED’s, to casualty evacuation, to close air support for a trapped convoy. Over the course of two deployments to Afghanistan Eric flew over 1,000 combat hours, 14 air assault missions, earned two Air Medals, two Army Commendation Medals, and the Combat Action Badge for numerous enemy fire near missions.

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