Bruce Crandall Huey at Ia Drang
Bruce Crandall Huey at Ia Drang
The Battle of Ia Drang
Medal of Honor recipient Bruce Crandall
Hal Moore at the Battle of Ia Drang
General Hal Moore
Bruce Crandall
Joe Galloway at Ia Drang
Ia Drang veteran Matt Dillion
Medal of Honor recipients Bruce Crandall and Joe Marm
Ia Drang veteran Tony Nadal
Artist Gareth Hector

The Lifeline by Gareth Hector

  • Braving intense fire, Maj. Bruce “Snake” Crandall flares his UH-1 Huey for landing while Capt. Ed “Too Tall” Freeman follows him into LZ X-Ray during the first major battle of Vietnam War. Others refused to fly into this hot LZ, but not the men of the 229th Assault Helicopter Battalion. Their Hueys carry ammunition and water urgently needed by Lt. Col. Hal Moore’s battalion, who fight tenaciously to hold a perimeter. Inside the lead Huey, reporter Joe Galloway clutches an M-16. He’s now part of the story, a witness to the heroism of Crandall, Freeman, and the helo crews who maintain the lifeline into Ia Drang. Crandall and Freeman will have spent 14 hours in the air by the end of the day. They’ll have carried out 70 wounded and both will be awarded Medal of Honor for it. Why take such risks? Crandall put it best: “They were my people down there.”

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    Includes 5 signatures: Ia Drang veterans Hal Moore (depicted), Medal of Honor recipient Bruce Crandall (depicted), war correspondent Joe Galloway (depicted), Silver Star recipient Matt Dillion and artist Gareth Hector. Includes photos, 7th Cav pin, and COA.

    Includes 7 signatures: Moore, Crandall, Galloway, Dillion, Marm (signature card), Nadal (signature card) and artist Gareth Hector. Includes photos, pin, and COA.

    A Signer Proof edition exists (not-for-sale). A giclee edition may be released at a later date as well as a Victory Edition bearing the signatures of Gareth Hector & Matt Dillion.

  • "The Lifeline" depicts a moment of incredible bravery as seen in the film We Were Soldiers. Enjoy the trailer below. 

  • "The Lifeline" is hand-signed by the heroes from the Battle of Ia Drang! Please click "DESCRIPTION" to see which veterans signed which prints.  

    Col. Bruce "Old Snake" Crandall

    Commander of A-Co., 229th Assault Helicopter Battalion. 900+ combat missions including the mission depicted in "The Lifeline." Awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions that day. Played by Greg Kinnear in We Were Soldiers.

    Col. Gregory "Matt" Dillion
    Then a Captain and Hal Moore's Operations Officer, Dillion rode into the Battle of Ia Drang in Bruce Crandall's Huey, the moment depicted in our painting "The Lifeline." Matt would go on to earn an incredible FOUR Silver Stars during combat in Vietnam. You can read his citations here. Played by Jon Hamm in We Were Soldiers.

    Joe Galloway
    UPI war correspondent with four stints in Vietnam. The only civilian awarded the Bronze Star with "V" for Valor during the Vietnam War. Rode into Ia Drang in Bruce Crandall's Huey, the moment depicted in our painting "The Lifeline." Co-author of "We Were Soldiers Once...and Young" and played by Barry Pepper in We Were Soldiers.

    Col. Walter "Joe" Marm
    Then 1st Lt. in Capt. Tony Nadal's A-Company, 1st BN, 7th Cav. Awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions at Ia Drang. His citation reads:

    1LT Marm demonstrated indomitable courage during a combat operation. His company was moving through the valley to relieve a friendly unit surrounded by an enemy force of estimated regimental size. 1LT Marm led his platoon through withering fire until they were finally forced to take cover. Realizing that his platoon could not hold very long, and seeing four enemy Soldiers moving into his position, he moved quickly under heavy fire and annihilated all 4. Then, seeing that his platoon was receiving intense fire from a concealed machine gun, he deliberately exposed himself to draw its fire. Thus locating its position, he attempted to destroy it with an antitank weapon. Although he inflicted casualties, the weapon did not silence the enemy fire. Quickly, disregarding the intense fire directed on him and his platoon, he charged 30 meters across open ground, and hurled grenades into the enemy position, killing some of the 8 insurgents manning it. Although severely wounded, when his grenades were expended, armed with only a rifle, he continued the momentum of his assault on the position and killed the remainder of the enemy. 1LT Marm’s selfless actions reduced the fire on his platoon, broke the enemy assault, and rallied his unit to continue toward the accomplishment of this mission.

    Lt. Gen. Hal Moore
    Then Lt. Col. in charge of the 1st Bn., 7th Cav. at Ia Drang. Distinguished Service Cross recipient played by Mel Gibson in We Were Soldiers. Watch Hal give an interview from LZ X-Ray, on November 16, 1965, in this vintage news segment: 

    Col. Ramon "Tony" Nadal
    Graduate of West Point and Green Beret leading an A Team in Vietnam in 1964. His second tour of duty was as company commander of A Company, 1st BN, 7th Cav. under Lt. Col. Hal Moore at Ia Drang where he earned the Silver Star. He was played by actor Jsu Garcia in We Were Soldiers and was featured in the following short film on Ia Drang: 

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