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- in mint condition -

Sold out in 2015, this ultra-rare Publisher Proof print is from an edition of 180 limited-edition prints and includes the autographs of artist Sean Sullivan and 18 veterans: Band of Brothers heroes "Wild Bill" Guarnere (photo card), Babe Heffron (photo card), Don Malarkey, Buck Compton, Earl McClung, Ed Tipper, Ed Bernat, Clancy Lyall, and Brad Freeman. 101st icons Bob Noody & Lou Venditti. Malmedy survivors Harold Billow & Ted Paluch. 99th ID rifleman Nick Gianopoulos. 82nd Airborne troopers Duke Boswell, Stanley Cass, Chet Harrington, and Richard Rohleder. C-47 pilots Fred Trenck and Bud Berry.

Includes a .30 caliber casing recovered in the Ardennes, replica jump wings, a 101st pin, two photos, and a Certificate of Authenticity with "History Behind the Art."

Sold unframed/unmatted.

$995 + S/H