Eugene Sledge on Peleliu 1944 art print
Eugene Sledge on Peleliu 1944 art print
Marines on Peleliu 1944 art print
With the Old Breed author Eugene Sledge
Marine F4U Corsair on Peleliu
Marine R.V. Burgin
Marine Jim Mcenery of K-Company
Marine Sterling Mace of King Company
Marine Dan Lawler of King Company
Marine Col. Gene Morrison
Off the Line art print goodies

Off the Line by Gil Cohen

  • The final release in our Marines of the Pacific series!

    It is September 25, 1944 as the Marines of King Company, K-3-5, file past the Peleliu airfield. Ten days after landing on the island’s bloody beaches, they enjoy a brief respite from the fighting and the heat. In the days prior, they helped capture this very landing strip, the campaign’s main objective.

    But, in the distant Umurbrogol Hills, the battle has entered a terrifying new dimension. There, in the island’s “dreadful ridges” as Eugene Sledge called them, savage, cave-to-cave combat ensues. Soon, the men of K-3-5 will fight there, but not before enjoying this moment off the line.

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    300 limited-edition prints, signed by Gil Cohen and 3 Peleliu Marines who served with Eugene Sledge: R.V. Burgin (shown marching), Dan Lawler (shown carrying the M1919 machine gun) and Jim Burke (referred to by Sledge as "The Fatalist" in With the Old Breed). Includes COA with "History Behind the Art."

    160 limited-edition prints, signed by Gil Cohen and 10 veterans of Peleliu: R.V. Burgin (shown marching), Dan Lawler (shown carrying the M1919), Marines Jim Anderson and "Red" Womack, who fought alongside E.B. Sledge, Hellcat ace Bob Maxwell, and five other Marines! Includes two photos showing K-Co. Marines at Peleliu, a 1st Marine Division patch and COA with "History Behind the Art."

    140 limited-edition prints

    A canvas giclee edition may be released. A Signer Proof edition exists, not-for-sale. 

  • "Off the Line" is hand-signed by a collection of WWII heroes! Signers vary print by print. Please click "editions" to see which veterans signed which prints.

    Pvt. James Anderson (K-Company)
    A rifleman, Anderson fought at New Britain, Peleliu, and Okinawa. Anderson is on the K-Company "Roll of Honor" as one of only 26 Peleliu veterans of K-3-5 still standing by the end of the Okinawa Campaign. Anderson's first hand accounts of combat in the Pacific can be read in Voices of the Pacific.

    Cpl. James Burke (K-Company)
    As a Marine in WWII, Burke fought as a mortar man on Cape Gloucester, Peleliu, and Okinawa. Burke is a character in Eugene Sledge’s classic book With the Old Breed, where he is referred to by his nickname, “The Fatalist." Burke is also mentioned in R.V. Burgin’s book, Islands of Damned and Voices of the Pacific.

    Sgt. R.V. Burgin (K-Company)
    Burgin was the squad leader of Eugene Sledge and "Snafu" Shelton. He fought on New Britain, Peleliu, and Okinawa, and was awarded the Bronze Star. Burgin was portrayed in the HBO series The Pacific by actor Martin McCann. He is the author of Islands of Damned and is featured throughout the book Voices of the Pacific.

    Pfc. Jesse Googe (K-Company)
    Googe fought on Guadalancal, was Captain "Ack Ack" Haldane's runner on Cape Gloucester, and a rifleman on Peleliu, where he was wounded and taken off the line. He is mentioned in the book Voices of the Pacific.

    Pfc. Dan Lawler (K-Company)
    A machine gunner, Lawler fought at Peleliu, where he was wounded, and Okinawa. Lawler's first hand accounts of combat in the Pacific can be read in Voices of the Pacific.

    Pfc. Sterling Mace (K-Company)
    A rifleman, Mace fought at Peleliu and Okinawa. He is the author of Battleground Pacific and is featured throughout the book Voices of the Pacific.

    Sgt. Johnny Marmet (K-Company)
    An "Old Breed" platoon sergeant, "Big John" oversaw the three-squad mortar section that included Eugene Sledge, "Snafu" Shelton, and R.V. Burgin. He fought on New Britain, Peleliu, and Okinawa. "Big John" is portrayed in The Pacific by actor Matthew Dale and is mentioned throughout the books Islands of the Damned and Voices of the Pacific.

    Commander Robert Maxwell
    A Navy Ace with 6 victories, Maxwell flew with the "Sundowners" of VF-11 off Guadalcanal. He later flew F6F Hellcats with VF-51 off the carrier USS San Jacinto where he often escorted a TBM Avenger pilot and future President, George H.W. Bush! During the invasion of Peleliu, Maxwell flew ground attack missions over the island in support of the Marine invasion.

    Sgt. James McEnery (K-Company)
    A squad leader, McEnery fought on Guadalcanal, Cape Gloucester, and Peleliu. McEnery's first hand accounts of combat in the Pacific can be read in his book Hell in the Pacific.

    Capt. Walter McLellan
    As a F4U Corsair pilot assigned to the VMF-122 "Werewolves," Walter was stationed on Peleliu as soon as the airfield was secured. From there, he flew Close Air Support missions to help the Marines fighting in the Umurbrogol Hills overlooking the airfield (depicted in "Off the Line").

    Col. Gene Morrison (double Silver Star recipient) 
    Gene became a fighter pilot flying the F4U Corsair after enlisting in the Marines. Assigned to the VMF-122 "Werewolves," Gene joined fellow pilot Walter McLellan in flying Close Air Support missions to assist the Marines. Following WWII, Morrison fought in Korea as a helicopter pilot in VMO-6 where he would earn TWO Silver Stars on daring rescue missions of downed Naval aviators.

    Cpl. Charles "Red" Womack (M-Company)
    A flamethrower operator with M-Company (M-3-5), Red floated between units and considered himself as close to K-3-5 as any, having fought in their ranks on New Britain and Peleliu. Red is portrayed in Episode 7 of HBO's The Pacific by actor John Reynolds. In that episode, Red is shown burning out a bunker under R.V. Burgin's direction.

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